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i have this book for about 4 years by now... i heard that its a really good book from a very special person. so i bought it on ebay from the states.. apparently, i couldn't find any copy in ontario's nor vancouver's book stores... this book was very important to me, at least that was how i felt back then. it was a very special person's favo book. i thought if i read it, i would have some 'common ground' with him.
anyways, i just finished it today..... the book doesn't have a sad ending... but it does make me ponder.... when i look back of my life.. there were so many regrets.. but i guess thats something everyone has, and its something that u have to learn it on ur own, one way or another.. in my case, some of them i learned from the hard way.
i also started to think my distant future... like what i would be doing... i have tired many different occupatiions in the past couple years. i did learn many new useful skills... but they also drove me far away from what i wanted to do since i was little..
there were so many things happened in the last two chapters... i felt that i have aged decates between those pages. and now i read the 1st chapter, my whole perspective have changed.... when i 1st time read it, i was happy and excited to find out for more.. on contrary, now im sad reading it, its like searching my youth years, the forgotten past.
i remember when he was telling me about his favo books... how excited he was.. how enthusiastic he was.. and how far we have drove apart since then... its been months i wanted to finish it, just for the heck out of it... wanted to know what is so good about the book. i think i would have been happier if i hadn't read the last two chapters... but if i hadn't i will always wonder what would happen in the last two chapters.... and now i know... another regret! lol
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powerswithin Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2008   General Artist
BIUBIU!!!!! Is ur DA still alive? =_=;;;
Hiox Featured By Owner May 29, 2007
BIU BIU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey~ how did the surgery go??

I hope everything is working well for you ^_^

sorry that I didn't contact you last week, cuz my dad came back for a couple of days and we were working on our backyard... so many stuff to do....

Anyways~ me loves u, and me will call u again~
Hiox Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2007
Hey, Bill, u r free this week, right?
I might call you some time during this week before you leave Alberta~

LostInOdyssey Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2007
my plane was on wednesday early morning.... so, i have arrived in BC since yesterday..
Hiox Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2006
Hey, how's your working?
And how's everything else?
LostInOdyssey Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2006
very busy @_@.... 7 days a week..... @_@... well this is an old msg... so i think u should know all the new updates now over the phone *thinks*
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powerswithin Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2006   General Artist
BBBBIIIUUUU!!!! I haven't talked to u in AGES! We must piu together before you de-piu urself!
LostInOdyssey Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2006
xiu-min~~~~~~ have been busy @_@.... being a workholic rite now... @_@.. how are you.. sorry for reply so late... >_<... and btw what's piu and de-piu? >_<.. and i saw ur chem quesiton, i have no idea... >_<..
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